The Mayoras of the Bajío

At El Bajío, the “mayoras” are devoted women with an unparalleled ability to cook and season food. Early in the morning, at 6 AM, they start cooking the delicious meals that will be served during the day, beginning with our amazing mole de Xico, our dry fideo(pasta) soup, and our black sauce made with meco chile and brown sugar, as well as the dough for tortillas and other corn-based snacks, among many other things that constitute the essence of El Bajío.

They constitute and invaluable pillar for the preparation of our meals, in fact, they are our most valuable cook. Without the “mayoras” we would be nothing, and therefore we have not enough words to thank them for their smiles, their dedication and their delicate cooking and seasoning. Our most sincere thanks go to Elia Rodríguez, María Antonia Hernández, Maricela Avendaño, Bertha Legorreta, Edith Robles, Sandra Olvera and all those who day after day devote themselves to the kitchens of El Bajío.

(From left to right: Elia Rodríguez (11 years at El Bajío), María Antonia Hernández (9 years), Maricela Avendaño (5 years), Bertha Legorreta (22 years), Edith Robles (9 years) and Sandra Olvera (45 years and proud cook responsible for our mole de Xico).)