El Bajío is an example that proves the union, the tenacity and the commitment of Mexican families. Founded in 1972 by Raúl Ramírez Degollado and Alfonso Hurtado Morellón, it currently has sixteen restaurants supervised by the internationally recognized chef Carmen "Titita" Ramírez Degollado, where we will welcome you to share our passion for the traditional Mexican cuisine and its delicious dishes. Under the tab “Locations” you will find the addresses, phone numbers and business hours for each of our restaurants.

At El Bajío, you will find the most diverse dishes of the traditional Mexican cuisine, starting with the delicacies of Carmen "Titita"’s homeland state of Veracruz, such as the anise gorditas, the filet of fish Veracruz style and the papantecos tamales, in addition to the typical dishes of northern Mexico, and including the pride of the house: carnitas Michoacán style, as well as other delicacies from Yucatán, Puebla and Oaxaca, to mention just a few others.

Our mayoras Sandra Olvera and Edith Robles in El Bajio Cuitlahuac , during the preparation of the flowers and vegetables that are used in different dishes.